Geula Mindset


Geula Mindset Part 1: The Call of the Hour

This class is paradigm shifting. You will see the world through the lens of the unfolding redemption process, and also discover your role in it to bring Moshiach b’rachamim (with mercy).

Geula Mindset Part 2: Breaking Free

This is the story of the beginning of my transformation and the LIFE-CHANGING ideas I discovered at that time. Though the focus of this story is on money, the ideas I share here are universally applicable. Thus, what started as a journey to heal my relationship with money ended up evolving into an adventure that transformed every area of my life.

Elevated Perspectives For Uninspired Moments

Six Part Mini-Series

Every Upside Has A Downside

Part 1/6

Raise Your Standards

Part 2/6

Receive Like A Baby

Part 3/6

Desire vs Desperation

Part 4/6

Divine Timing

Part 5/6

The Next Right Step

Part 6/6

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