Edge of Redemption

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Articles

I believe that we are living at the edge of Redemption.

Not because of the vicious crimes recently perpetrated against our people. We’ve been down that road many times. Nor because Israel is now facing existential threats. We’ve been down that road too. I believe we are living at the edge of Redemption because I see redemption all around me.

I see a world filled with democracies that don’t start senseless wars with each other.   

I see people of all colors and nationalities living together with freedom and equality. 

I see children who can’t comprehend racism and prejudice. 

I see men receiving permission to be vulnerable and embrace their soft side. 

I see women rising, owning their voice and their power. 

I see children treated kindly and respectfully. 

I see adults healing their traumas and breaking intergenerational cycles of dysfunction.  

I see therapists and healers bringing our “emotional exiles” out of the darkness of our subconscious and into the redemptive light of consciousness.

I see infinite organizations bringing relief and support to those in need. 

I see the spread of Chassidus and Kabbalah (aka “the Torah of Moshiach”).

I see wisdom exploding, creativity soaring, and abundance free-flowing. 

And I see these pre-messianic shifts accelerating exponentially to prepare us for Redemption, the final destination for all humanity.

Do all these advancements have a dark flip side? Of course, that’s how it must be. “G-d made one thing to counter the other” (Koheles 7:14) so that we always maintain our free will to choose between good and evil, holy and profane. But advancements they are, and they are preparing us for a future world where peace, love, equality, wisdom, and abundance reign free.

So what about our current war? Where does that fit in? Is it the war to end all wars as we hope? You will not find the answer to that question in biblical prophecies because the answer to that question lies within us.

We are the answer to that question.   

A basic principle of geula (redemption) consciousness is that we are co-creators of our reality. We choose if we will reveal the redemptive light that is concealed in this dreadful darkness. And I have hope that we will.

When I see soldiers begging for tzitzis, and Israelis working late into the night because they can’t make tzitzis fast enough for the many thousands of soldiers who want them, I have hope. 

When I see secular Israelis making their kitchens kosher so that ALL soldiers can eat the food they lovingly prepare for them, I have hope. 

When I see thousands of people lighting Shabbos candles or keeping Shabbos for the first time, I have hope. 

When I see men putting on tefilin for the first time, or renewing their commitment to putting on tefilin daily, I have hope. 

When I see people showing up in droves to pray, learn, do chessed, and be more intentional with Torah observance, I have hope.  

When I see people breaking out of their shells to shine their unique gifts and perspectives onto the world, I have hope.

When I see Am Yisroel coming together in an intense unity that is unprecedented in my lifetime, I have hope. 

But what gives me hope more than anything else is when we recognize the futility of placing our faith and trust in man, and open up to the Emes (Truth) that there is no one but Hashem to turn to. Ain Od Milvado.

*To learn more about living with ‘Ain Od Milvado’ consciousness, watch Hashem Will Show The Way!