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Hi! I’m Sarah Malka

Welcome to ‘Geula Mindset’, where we turn Golus into Geula

Geula is our destiny and I have dedicated the past 5 years to learning and living Geula Mindset. Gratifying relationships, financial abundance, emotional and physical well-being, and spiritual satisfaction all become possible when we transform into a vessel that can receive the full blessings that Hashem wants to give us. It is my joy and privilege to share this wisdom with you and help you discover your innate ability to create the life you desire.

Turn Golus into Erev Geula

It is a mitzvah to turn Friday into Erev Shabbos.

In Jewish law, it is recommended to cease normal work by early Friday afternoon and transition into preparations for receiving the Shabbos queen. During this time we finish up the last touches of cooking, set the Shabbos table, and dress ourselves beautifully, preferably in a relaxed and joyful state. In other words, it is ideal to taste the pleasure and tranquility of Shabbos on Erev Shabbos, and from this regal state we can properly welcome Shabbos.

Moshiach is the eternal Shabbos of Creation – and on the cosmic clock of human history it is now Friday afternoon. No longer should we work like we did before. No longer is it appropriate to have Golus mindset. Now it’s time for Geula mindset, to get a taste of the pleasure and tranquility of the eternal Shabbos.

Before we can be redeemed, we first need to redeem ourselves. We don’t greet Moshiach like shmattas; we greet Moshiach like royalty. And the more we allow ourselves to receive, the more regal we become. Consider all the goodness we look forward to during Moshiach; it’s time to allow ourselves to receive some of that goodness now.

It’s time to heal. It’s time to create peace and love in our relationships. It’s time to allow ourselves more pleasure, abundance, beauty, and ease. It’s time to embrace authentic femininity.

It’s time to turn Golus into Erev Geula.


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What participants say

“Sarah Malka teaches so clearly, with examples and practical tools, to live a life of true happiness and reach your highest potential. Learning from her is so powerful because she lives what she teaches, making it so intimate and personal. She shows us firsthand that it is possible to live a life of true happiness and purpose.”

Taly Menashahoff

Passaic NJ

“Soul Powers was an extremely powerful course for me, and I am now feeling positive shifts in several areas of my life. Sarah Malka, with her unique wisdom, brings a wealth of information, personal stories, and exercises that demonstrate the proven effects of using her approach to reach our goals and dreams. I felt so comfortable with her accessible, down to earth, and witty manner, which helped me integrate the keys of this wonderful workshop.”

Gila Hedaya